NSC is promoting safety, health and environment at the national level by using various means such as conferences, training programmes, safety publications, posters, yearly safety calendar, campaigns, etc. from its inception and added new means from time to time. HSE Dairy is one of the means being used by the Council to promote safety, health and environment since 1998. The first HSE Diary was published in December, 1997 for the year 1998. Since then, its popularity has been increasing every year.

The diary has two sections first section provides information on safety, health and environment including current issues and second section for date pages with safety slogans in English & Hindi facing each other.

The information provided in these diaries has been taken from authentic and reliable sources to serve as a summary material for quick reference. The response received to these diaries is very good and encouraging.

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Circulars are issued in second week of August of every year giving all the details such as Diary specification, its contents, price and other terms & conditions.

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E-mail: safetypromotion@nsc.org.in Tel. 022-2752 2878 (Direct) or 022-2757 9924 (Board line)