National Safety Aptitude Test (NSAT)


The appointment of safety officer remains a legal mandate in certain Indian factories and construction sites. Recognizing the crucial role of safety, many organizations proactively appoint safety officers or safety engineers, irrespective of legal requirements. To meet the demand for competent safety professionals, the National Safety Council (NSC) initiated the National Safety Aptitude Test (NSAT) in 2022. The exam aims to assist industries in screening prospective safety officers, engineers, and professionals.

Now, it has been accepted that safety does not remain only with the safety officers but is the responsibility of line function. Accordingly, organisations/establishments are proactively providing training to the line managers on safety and involving them in safety management system. NSAT will help to assess how well line managers are verse with OHS domain. Starting in 2023, NSAT has been extended to cover individuals working in the Oil & Gas and Construction industries.

About NSAT

The National Safety Aptitude Test (NSAT) is an online examination conducted by NSC to assess candidates’ comprehensive understanding of safety science, safety laws, risk management, safety engineering/management, leadership abilities, and general aptitude. The NSAT score, valid for two years, reflects the candidate’s performance in the occupational safety, health & environment field.

NSAT facilitates organizations in the selection and recruitment process of safety officers. Employers may consider NSAT scores when shortlisting candidates for safety officer/engineer positions. Prospective safety professionals can showcase their competence by having a valid NSAT score.

NSAT also enables organizations to evaluate the occupational health and safety (OHS) competence of their current employees and measure the efficacy of the initiatives implemented in the OHS management system.

NSC does not guarantee employment opportunities for qualified candidates. NSAT is a voluntary initiative and is not intended to substitute regulatory qualification requirements for safety officers under any law.

Score Card

Candidates scoring 50% and above will receive a scorecard.

NSAT Examination

NSAT exam is conducted in the month of July every year.

Exam Pattern

  • Online examination
  • Number of questions: 120 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 2 hours


NSAT has following categories;

  1. NSAT General – For aspiring safety officers and others
  2. NSAT Oil & Gas Sector – for Technical Executives/Engineers in Oil & Gas Sector
  3. NSAT Construction Sector – for Technical Executives/Engineers in Construction Sector

Number of questions for each category will be as follows:

NSAT General NSAT Oil & Gas NSAT Construction
General Aptitude 20 20 20
Safety 80 50 (General Safety)
30 (Oil & Gas specific)
50 (General Safety)
30 (Construction specific)
Environment 20 20 20

Eligibility of NSAT

  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma holders in Engineering/Technology.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science with Physics or Chemistry subject and Diploma in Industrial Safety or B.E. / B.Tech / M.Tech in Fire and Safety.
  • The candidates pursuing the diploma / degree / masters in safety can appear for NSAT.
  • The working personnel having degree / diploma / masters in Engineering / Technology / Fire / Safety.

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