A high level of safety awareness in all categories of employees is necessary to ensure the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management System is effectively implemented and accident-free performance is achieved in any industrial organization. The management of the organization has a key role in successfully building and maintaining a preventive safety and health culture.

As part of its safety consultancy services, NSC undertakes Safety Awareness Surveys to-

  • Evaluate safety awareness levels of various categories of employees in the organizations.
  • Assess perception of employees towards OSH management system established in the organizations.
  • Highlight the areas requiring further attention of the managements to improve the awareness level of the employees.

The Survey also recommends the means/methodologies for improvement in the awareness level of the employees.

During the last fifteen years, NSC has carried out over 50 Safety Awareness Surveys in Petroleum Refineries, Oil & Gas Installations, Chemical & Petro-Chemical industries, Steel plants, Cement plants, Engineering industries, Corporate Offices, etc.

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