NSC had implemented a 2-year (1994-96) Action Programme titled “Raising Awareness to Safety and Health of Working Children in Selected Industries” funded by the ILO under its `International Programme for Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC)’. The four industries covered are : Gem Polishing Industry of Jaipur, Lock Industry of Aligarh; Glass Industry of Firozabad and Brassware Industry of Moradabad.


  • Raising awareness on the status of the existing working conditions and hazards to satisfy and health.
  • Contributing to the elimination of child labour from the hazardous operations and processes and the work detrimental to the child workers engaged in the four industries.
  • Suggesting measures for improvement of working conditions, work practices and work methods, and standards of safety and health at the workplaces where children are imployed in the aforesaid industries.


  • Working Children
  • Parents of Child Workers
  • Social Workers & Teachers
  • Employers of Child Workers
  • Trade Union Workers
  • Factory & Labour Inspectors


  • The activities under the Action Progamme were developed and guided by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) under the Chairmanship of the Director General.
  • Preparation of Questionnaire
  • Field Survey for Data Collection
  • Preparation of Promotional and Awareness Material
  • Dissemination of Information through Seminars/ Awareness Sessions



All the Awareness and Training Material is in English as well as in Hindi except where specified.

    a)  Booklets : 17 Nos.

  • Manual for Factory and Labour Inspectors (English only) – covering all the four industries.  A set of 4 booklets for each of the four industries (total 16 Booklets)
  • A Guide for Child Workers and Parents (Hindi only)
  • Role and Responsibilities of Employers
  • Trade Union Intervention
  • A Guide for Social Workers and Non-formal Teachers


b)  Multi-Colour Posters : 8 Nos.

          Brass Industry

  1.       Prevent burns – Provide shoes, and tongs with long insulated handles
  2.       Prevent dust exposure – Provide local exhaust

          Gem Industry

  1.       Watch that back – Provide rest pauses
  2.       Poor lighting causes eye strain – Provide local lighting

          Glass Industry

  1.       Avoid cuts and wounds – Provide gloves and shoes
  2.       Minimise exposure to soot and smoke – Provide ventilated work place.

          Lock Industry

  1.       Ungourded machines are dangerous – Guard-die punch
  2.       Avoid back pain – Provide back rest

    c)  Videos : 2 Nos.

  1.      Safety and Health of Working Children in Brassware Industry
  2.      Safety and Health of Working Children in Gem Polishing Industry



Total 24 Seminars for 1101 participants from the above 4 industries targeting working children, parents of working children, teachers & social workers, employers, trade union workers and factory & labour inspectors were organised under the programme.