NSC has introduced Safety Rating System with Certification for Factories, Construction Sites, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Ports, Airports and other Commercial establishments  to evaluate Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) status and compare the establishments with the same yardstick in India.

NSCI Safety Rating is an in-depth assessment on 8 key elements, comprising of about 88 sub-elements aimed at achieving excellence in the safety management system. It uses questionnaire with detailed guidance for evaluation.

NSCI Safety Rating System is modelled on IS 14489- Code of Practice on Occupational Health and Safety Audit, ISO 45001 and is also at par with International Standards & Rating System.

Objective: The safety rating system is developed to motivate organisations towards a incessant improvement in Safety, Health and Environment

  • Benchmarking safety systems of the company at National Level.
  • Scaling the industries with same standard and encourage towards persistent development.
  • Making management and workers proud for their efforts on upgrading safety.
  • Increased visibility of company’s effort in community, workforce and business environment.

Rating Scheme:

Procedure :

A. Techno -Commercial Offer

  • Send mail to safetyaudit@nsc.org.in for offer or any query .
  • Send preliminary information questionnaire.  LINK FOR PRELIMINARY INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE ← Click Here
  • On receipt of Preliminary information NSC would send the Techno-Commercial Offer along with ‘Pre-Visit Questionnaire’.
  • On acceptance of Techno-Commercial Offer – send work order to NSC along with filled in ‘Pre-Visit Questionnaire’.

B. Preparatory Work by NSC for Carrying out Safety Rating.

C. Visiting the site and Rating the Unit.

D. Submitting Score Card and Certificate (if applicable) on Rating.

For more information:

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