Sep 23
NSAT 2023 – Result

An online national level examination conducted by the National Safety Council to;

  • Test the aptitude and proficiency level of aspiring safety officers
  • Help aspirants to build a career in safety
  • Help organisations to assess the competency of line managers/Engineers in safety

Eligibility of NSAT

  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma holders in Engineering/Technology.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science with Physics or Chemistry subject and Diploma in Industrial Safety or B.E./ B.Tech/ M.Tech in Fire and Safety.
  • The candidates pursuing the diploma/degree in safety can appear for NSAT 2023.
  • The working personnel having degree or diploma in Engineering/Technology or degree in Science with Physics or Chemistry subject or B.E./ B.Tech/ M.Tech in Fire and Safety.

The candidates who possess certification from any institution must ensure that those examinations conducted are approved by MHRD/AICTE/UGC as equivalent to B.E./B.Tech./B.Sc. and for  Engineering Diploma,  State Technical Board.

Exam Pattern

There will be 3 categories of NSAT 2023 examinations as follows;

  1. NSAT General
  2. NSAT Construction Sector
  3. NSAT Oil & Gas Sector

National Safety Aptitude Test (NSAT) 2023 Result

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May 23

As a next level to NSRS, NSCI has developed another scheme to recognise and reward for demonstrating excellence in Occupational Health and Safety Management System for complying more than NSRS Five Golden stars requirement. The safety shield assessment will be one step ahead of 5 Golden stars recognition and only those companies who win 5 Golden stars are eligible to apply for ‘Safety Shield’. After an extensive assessment, Safety Shield is being awarded to deserving industry. The winner is awarded with Safety Shield trophy and certificate.

GMR Warora had applied for NSCI Safety Shield after having rated as 5-Golden Star. Their in-depth assessment was carried out and awarded them a Safety Shield. The Shield has been presented to GMR in the NSCI Safety Award function held on 17th March, 2023 in Goa.

May 23

NSRS is the most comprehensive qualitative, quantitative assessment tool to evaluate and measure the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (OSHE) performance. NSRS is applicable to various industry groups such as factories, construction sites, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls IT parks and other commercial buildings. It is modelled on IS 14489-2018 Code of Practice on Occupational Health and Safety Audit, National and International best practices and is at par with international standards to achieve zero harm goals. Undertaking NSRS allows the industry to demonstrate their commitment to achieving excellence in OSHE standards.

NSRS is an in-depth assessment on 8 key elements, comprising of around 88 sub-elements aimed at achieving excellence in the OSH management system. It uses questionnaire with detailed guidance for evaluation. Areas for improvement are suggested in the assessment report and organisations are given 2-3 month(s) time to comply points raised in the first visit. During second visit Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA) report along with their horizontal deployment and compliance reports would be reviewed and element-wise score worked out. Based on the score obtained overall grading in percentage shall be worked out and based on the grading number of Golden Stars i.e. 1 to 5 would be allotted.

During the March 2023, the NSRS assessment for The Tata Power Company Ltd. for their Trombay Thermal Power Station, Mumbai was carried out and they have rated as 5-Golden Star. The 5-Golden Star Certificate has been presented to them in the NSCI Safety Awards function held on 17th March, 2023 in Goa.

Mar 23

NSCI Safety Awards – 2022 Presentation Ceremony

National level NSCI Safety Awards – 2022 for organisations in Manufacturing, Construction, MSME and Service sectors were presented in a glorious function held at Taleigao Community Centre, Caranzelam, Panjim Goa on 17th March 2022 at 7 pm at the backdrop of the 13th National Conference on Safety, Health & Environment organized by NSC on 16-17th March 2023 at the same venue.

The sector wise four levels awards i.e. i) Top level: Sarva Shreshtha Suraksha Puraskar – Golden Trophy with Certificate; ii) Second level: Shreshtha Suraksha Puraskar – Silver Trophy with Certificate; iii) third level i.e. Suraksha Puraskar – Bronze Trophy with Certificate and iv) Fourth level i.e. Prashansha Patra were presented as follows:

1)  Manufacturing sector in six groups:

  • The top level and the second level Awards at the hands of Shri Arvind Doshi, Vice-Chairman (Employers), NSC.
  • The third level Awards at the hands of Shri H. Mahadevan, Vice-Chairman (Employees), NSC.
  • The fourth level Awards at the hands of Shri Lalit Gabhane, Director General, NSC.

2)  Construction sector in two groups:

  • All four level Awards for Group-A were presented at the hands of Prof. Karl- Heinz Noetel, President, International section of ISSA on Prevention in Construction industry &  Sr. Advisor, DGUV, Germany
  • All four level Awards for Group-B were presented at the hands of Dr. P.R. Swarup, Director General, Construction Industry Development Council, New Delhi

3)  MSME in two groups and Service sector:

  • All four level Awards were presented at the hands of Shri Lalit Gabhane, Director General, NSC.
Aug 20

The National Safety Council is introducing SPECIAL NEED BASED TRAINING WEBINARS for Industries/ commercial buildings / Warehouses etc. on various important topics of “SHE” such as  QRA, HIRA, Laboratory Safety, HAC, Fire protection, Safety during pre-commissioning, work in confined space, Disaster management, Warehouse safety  etc which need to have a special focus so as to prevent serious and fatal accidents. (list of topics and details enclosed)

The enclosed list of programs is indicative only. Apart from those programs if your organization has any Specific need-based requirements of any other topics, NSC will organize special training on such topics also.

Web training of each the topic will be covered within 2-hours in virtual classroom on mutual agreed date and platform(i.e. zoom or Microsoft) with the help of the approved member of the expert panel of National Safety Council. 

The Program Fee is only Rs. 30,000/- plus GST for each topic for the group of 25 Participants.

Kindly send mail with duly filled form enclosed in along with Brochure preferably with full payment in advance. We look forward to your enthusiastic response.

For additional details contact / send mail us on:

Shri A.A. Raichur, Advisor (Technical), NSC, Email ID: aaraichur@nsc.org.in

Shri K.D. Patil, Assistant Director, NSC, Mob. 9920732829; Email ID: kdpatil@nsc.org.in

Shri S.G. Patil, Assistant Director, NSC, Mob. 9321351784; Email ID: sgpatil@nsc.org.in

The details are provided in the brochure. Click here for the brochure

May 19

Today electricity has become the backbone of development. It is one of the essential required to sustain modern society life. Electricity, though a good servant may prove to be hazardous if due to care is not exercised in its use. Accident statistics show that nearly 40% of electrical accidents have resulted into fatality indicating its potential of severity.Although utmost safety is observed while manufacturing of electrical equipment, any error in installation, improper maintenance and ignorance of the safety precautions during their use may lead to an accident.


The Electricity Act, 2003, Electricity Rules, 2005 and the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 are applicable in generation, distribution, installation and maintenance of electricity and aim to reduce/ eliminate electrical accidents.

As per the data published by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), the persons injured due to electrocution during the year 2010 was 439 and for 2014 was 515. With an increase in reported injuries and deaths associated with use of electricity, electrical safety is becoming a more prominent health and safety topics in industry. National Safety Council is conducting this elearning course on “Electrical Safety” based on legislations to enable participants for preventing/controlling the electrical hazards at the work place.

The details are provided in the brochureClick here for the brochure.

Click here for online registration. 

Jul 14