May 19

Today electricity has become the backbone of development. It is one of the essential required to sustain modern society life. Electricity, though a good servant may prove to be hazardous if due to care is not exercised in its use. Accident statistics show that nearly 40% of electrical accidents have resulted into fatality indicating its potential of severity.Although utmost safety is observed while manufacturing of electrical equipment, any error in installation, improper maintenance and ignorance of the safety precautions during their use may lead to an accident.


The Electricity Act, 2003, Electricity Rules, 2005 and the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 are applicable in generation, distribution, installation and maintenance of electricity and aim to reduce/ eliminate electrical accidents.

As per the data published by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), the persons injured due to electrocution during the year 2010 was 439 and for 2014 was 515. With an increase in reported injuries and deaths associated with use of electricity, electrical safety is becoming a more prominent health and safety topics in industry. National Safety Council is conducting this elearning course on “Electrical Safety” based on legislations to enable participants for preventing/controlling the electrical hazards at the work place.

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