NSC is introducing Safety Rating system with Certification for Factories, Construction Sites, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls and other Commercial establishments - to evaluate the safety, health and environmental (SHE) status and compare the Establishments with the same yardstick in India.

NSCI Safety Rating is an in-depth assessment on 8 key elements, comprising of about 70 sub-elements aimed at achieving excellence in the safety management system. It uses questionnaire with detailed guidance for evaluation. 

NSCI Safety rating system is modeled on IS 14489- Code of Practice on Occupational Health and Safety Audit and is at par with international standards.


Objective:The safety rating system is developed to motivate organisations towards a incessant improvement in Safety, Health and Environment



• Benchmarking safety systems of the company at National Level.
• Scaling the industries with same standard and encourage towards persistent development.
• Making management and workers proud for their efforts on upgrading safety.
• Increased visibility of company’s effort in community, workforce and business environment.

Rating Scheme:


























Procedure :


A. Techno -Commercial Offer

• Send mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for offer or any query .
• Send preliminary information questionnaire.  LINK FOR PRELIMINARY INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE ← click

On receipt of Preliminary information NSC would send the Techno-Commercial Offer along with ‘Pre-Visit Questionnaire’.
• On acceptance of Techno-Commercial Offer - send work order to NSC along with filled in ‘Pre-Visit Questionnaire’.

B. Preparatory Work by NSC for Carrying out Safety Rating .

C. Visiting the site and Rating the Unit.

D. Submitting Score Card and Certificate (if applicable) on Rating.


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